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#44, 2nd floor, 1st cross, 2nd main, Prashanth extension, Bangalore - 560066. +91 80883 21887 [email protected]


101 Gillespie Dr, Franklin, Nashville Area, TN - 37067 +1 812 221 1110 [email protected]

Last mile delivery tracking software



This SaaS based platform offers your pick-up and delivery management, the ultimate convenience and hassle-free tracking of the agents, along with easy assignment of tasks and management of workforce.


02User Roles

This application has three types of users namely customers, drivers and admin.

overview Customer

The customers are notified in real time, regarding their pickup or delivery timings.

driver Driver

The drivers stay connected with the admin in real time and are offered the best optimized route

admin Admin

The admin is able to track the drivers and field force in real time and stay always updated


Deliforce bridges the gap between the customers and the delivery agents, with constant monitoring, real time GPS tracking and communication.

04Plan The Delivery

The drivers are sent real time notifications, whenever a task is created, which he can choose to accept or reject. Once task is assigned, the customers are also notified of the estimated delivery and contact details of the drivers.


05Proof Of Delivery

Once the delivery is done successfully, the driver needs to collect a proof of delivery in form of customer’s signature or photo of delivery.


06Smart Direction

Deliforce facilitates route optimization, where the drivers are guided to take the most optimized routes such that they are able to complete maximum number of deliveries at the minimum time.

Customers Application


07SMS notifications of service

The customers are notified using SMS about the estimated delivery and status of delivery, such that they are able to plan their activities accordingly, thus adding convenience.

08Delivery/ Service feedback

Customers are allowed to provide their delivery or service feedback of the services that they had asked for. This helps other customers to get a review of the services, along with offering their views regarding the delivery services.



Realtime agent tracking

The dashboard offers real time agents tracking system such that the admin is able to track his agents in real time. The admin can filter his search based on date, task status, team as well as delay.

  • Filter by DateFilter by Date
  • Filter by TeamsFilter by
  • Filter by StatusFilter by Status
  • Filter by DelayFilter by Delay

Track travelled distance

The admin is equipped with the facilities to track the distance travelled by the agents, along with the fuel used.

This helps the admin to track whether the delivery boy has taken the optimized route or not.


07Plan The Delivery


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Agents reports

The agents get a consolidated report of all the tasks taken up by them, along with the status of each task. This helps the agents in easy management of their tasks, daily, weekly and monthly.

Instant notification will be displayed to the admin, while the agent start the task.