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101 Gillespie Dr, Franklin, Nashville Area, TN - 37067 +1 812 221 1110 [email protected]

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09 February, 2019

What Client Should Discuss With Graphic / Web Designer Before Starting The Project

When you have finally found the UI/UX designing agency that will craft your dream project with innovation and excellence, its time to discuss your project with the web designers to give them clarity about your expectations. As a client, no matter how  big or small your project is, these are some of the points you need to discuss

Why and for whom

The first thing that you need to discuss with your web designer is the purpose of the project. The web designers need to get clarity over what the project is, its purpose, the goals, and visions of the project. Every web designing project needs to have a starting point which is crucial to pave the future of the project. Give an idea of the intended audience who are likely to use the app or website. Relevant information such as their demographics or socio-economic background or cultural background is useful for the designers.

For example, if a mobile app is to be designed for an age group of 20-30, it needs to be colourful, funky and loaded with new and attractive features. However, designing an app for an audience with age 60+ needs to be more function-oriented, with minimal and sober decor.

Brain storming

Once the designers have an idea about the purpose of the app as well as targeted audience, the brainstorming phase starts. More planning and brainstorming reveals a better website or mobile app design. It is important that the client and the web designers put their ideas on a blank canvas and exchange thoughts with each other, such that the client’s idea can be beautifully transformed into a website or app design.


As a client, you need to stress on the don’ts rather than the do’s. Mention clearly about the elements or type of designs, texts, colours, images you do not want. This clarifies the scope of work for the web designers, helping them to focus on what exactly you want. For example, if you are not fond of bright coloured images and texts, mention that in order to help the web designers avoid flashy images, colours and texts. You can also share some example to things that you do not want to see in the design.


Once the dont’s are cleared, share your preferences. Mention the things that you would like to see on the website or mobile app. This will reduce the number of iterations of changes needed, along with optimizing the efforts of the web designers. This also includes discussing the work process that you would like to follow. If you want to tweak into the design weekly and make the necessary changes, then mention that, thus helping the web designers get accustomed to your preferences of work.


Finally, when all other things are cleared out, discuss the technical aspects. This includes the following:

i. The resolution or pixel of the images
ii. The preferable font style, colour
iii. Size of the design
iv. Format

Also, mention whether the design is meant for online views or printed media.

Remember, your web designing agency is here to assist and design with innovation only when you can communicate your requirements with clarity. Lack of clarity in the idea will lead to wastage of your money and their effort and time for both the client and the designers. 

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