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13 December, 2019

Improve Your B2B Digital Marketing With a Good Website Design

B2B (business to business) companies require a creative digital marketing plan that creates an informative and engaging user experience for the target audience. 

For B2B companies, the world of digital marketing has completely changed. Now the customers are going through the Google Search to get solutions to their pain points rather than waiting. So as a digital marketer you need to focus much on B2B marketing strategies.

Important areas to focus while designing a B2B website

There are many key factors to consider while designing a B2B website. Below given are some of the important factors need to be considered while designing the website.

Make the content informative

It is very much required to provide information in detail on the website in the form of case studies, white papers, and reviews. The success of marketing also depends on informing purchasers about your products and services effectively.

Clear user pathways

B2B websites serve different user groups, from small to large-sized organizations. It is important to make sure that there are clear user pathways for different stakeholders with different needs to direct them to their intended page. If the user pathways are confusing there will be a much load on the end-users.

B2B websites serve different user groups, from small to large-sized organizations. ux design studio in Bangalore

Mention product details

Usually in B2B activities complex, and a part of a larger system can be involved. So, it is necessary to give particular technical details to understand whether it fits with the existing system of the client. Some of the good B2B websites provide information about products, compatibility standards, technical support to allow the client to know about the product and benefits of their system.

ux design studio in Bangalore

Lead generation

Lead generation plays a crucial role in getting visitors to the website. When users come to your website, it should be more engaging, providing informative experience to the target audience. This is the reason why B2B websites must focus on lead generation. It is very important to use proper SEO keywords and make Calls to Action visible to prompt end users to submit their details like name, email id which can be used for lead generation. 

B2B Lead generation, ux design studio in Bangalore

Focus on functional design

B2B organizations need to deliver professionalism and also expertise. By using functional designs, it may convey seriousness while providing appropriate information for B2B companies. This may create an uncluttered experience that is easy to navigate along with the direct focus on the product features rather than the user interface of the website.

ux design studio in Bangalore, B2B companies in Bangalore

Useful digital marketing strategies

Below given are some of the useful digital marketing strategies followed by most of the companies.

Focus on your target audience

Do the research and get a clear idea of what your end-users are expecting. This is the best digital marketing strategy as it helps to design the product keeping the target audience in mind. Know about your user's interests, likes, and dislikes. This makes your task much easier and earns more profits in the future.

Efficient website SEO

To make your target audience think that your website is effective to follow the two components: On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. On-site SEO focuses on tracking keyword phrases related to your product so that the user who wants your product can reach your website easily while Off-site SEO tracks your website links. Writing good quality content on your website attracts the users which is always a good marketing strategy.

On-site SEO and Off-site SEO, ux design studio in Bangalore

Promote through social media

Through social media platforms, you can showcase your products, mention the services you provide and make sure you provide your website link. Also, promote the blog content of your website to improve your website ranking. Provide informative visuals to users mentioning features of your products, pain points, solutions and testimonials for promotional purposes.

UI UX design company in bangalore, digital marketing company in Bangalore


B2B website design must target specific users, displaying the product features which suit the needs of end-users. NextbrainStudio is the top UI/UX design company that helps in designing a good B2B website that boosts your business.


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