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25 January, 2020

Top 8 UI/UX Design Studios in Bangalore - 2020

User Experience (UX) design plays a key role to boost your business by creating appealing and interactive images to the websites and mobile applications which grab the customer's attention.

UI/UX design agencies help the clients in analyzing their design requirements and make deep research to offer meaningful user experiences and quality-rich products to the end-users. There are many UI/UX design agencies in Bangalore that offer delightful and amazing designs that offer a mind-blowing experience to the end-user. 

List of top UI/UX design Studios in Bangalore

Here we have mentioned a list of Top UI/UX design Studios to help you decide the best one that is suitable for your business requirements.

Top UI UX design Studios in Bangalore India & Canada, USA, UK

Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio was established in 2013 with a team of 80+ employees having its headquarters in Bangalore. It has done UI/UX design for websites, mobiles, wearables and desktop applications across many industries like education, healthcare, and social platforms. Its services include design, development, research, and testing. It is having many well-known clients like Swiggy, Myntra, Narayana health, and many other clients all over the world.


Peerbits is one of the top web and mobile app development agencies in Bangalore that has delivered varied UI/UD design solutions. With a team of 100+ highly experienced and skilled professionals, Peerbits has delivered UX design solutions for over 300+ clients in 35 countries. It is also having branches in Dubai, UAE, Colombia, and the US offering innovative UI/UX designs as per the client requirements. It provides global mobility solutions for startups and enterprises. 

NetBramha Studios

NetBramha Studios is the leading UI/UX design agency based in Bangalore, India. It was established in 2008, having a team of highly skilled employees who are specialized in offering the most desirable and meaningful user experience to the customers. They offer services like digital strategy and design, research, and analysis. They work mainly for startups, medium-sized companies, and enterprises. It is having the most popular clients like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and many other clients all across the globe.

Nextbrain Studio

Nextbrain Studio is the Top UI/UX design studio in Bangalore offering UI/UX design services to startups, medium-sized organizations, and enterprises. With a team of dexterous and adept professionals, they work efficiently to provide creative and desirable user experience to the client. Nextbrain Studio services include user research, user interface design, user experience design, interaction design, usability testing, and front-end development. Its designs and delivers the most delightful and elegant solutions to their clients. Their major clients include Gcain, Bogo, Thedal, Alfanoos, and many other clients all across the globe. Nextbrain Design studio develops amazing and most interactive User Experience (UX) designs that create a lasting impact on the end-user’s mind.

Red Baton design studio

Red Baton is the most popular digital design and branding agency in Bangalore. Red Baton was founded in 2015 by having a highly skilled designing team, marketing team, and strategists who work with much dedication and commitment to creating the most engaging brand experiences to the clients. They have expertise in creating UI/UX experiences, user experience strategies, interface design, and development. Red Baton's approach has several premium clients like Cleartrip, Bigbasket, Stayzilla, and also many other international clients.


Think Design is a leading UI/UX design agency founded in 2004 having 100+ employees with branches in Singapore, Denver, and India. It offers UX/UI design services, web development services, and mobile application development services.  It also worked with many clients like Samsung, Honeywell, DigitalFuel and other popular clients. It also worked with a technology company for which it developed a learning management system and created visual designs.


UniKwan is a well-known UI/UX design and motion company that was founded in 2012. It has a highly experienced team who are specialized in UX/UI design and video production. They work closely with clients to provide the most interactive and engaging designs. UniKwan strengthens its brand by optimizing UX/UI design features across the complex devices offering remote support. It worked with many clients like Nokia, Philips Healthcare, PebbleStream Digital and many other clients all across the world.


Yellowchalk is the reputed UI/UX design agency based in Bangalore founded in 2015 having a highly experienced and talented team. It offers services like mobile app design, brand strategy, and product strategy. The team of Yellowchalk works with small, medium-sized, and many enterprise clients across a variety of industries. It also helps in designing user-friendly websites and creating attractive layouts that enhance the business. The clients of Yellowchalk include Airbon, Goalwise, Consultants Bench and many other clients all across the world.

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There are many UX design studios in Bangalore capable of creating the most exciting mobile and web applications which makes the users spend more time on the app. They offer world-class designs to offer the most desirable user experience to the target audience and helps in transforming your ideas into reality through customized digital experiences.


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