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03 September, 2021

What are the latest UI UX design trends in 2021?

In today's business world, it is important to showcase your brand where there is a lot of competition. It is essential to become aware of the latest UI UX design trends and implement the best UI UX design practices in your business to easily grab the attention of your end-users. Previously, businesses used to think that user experience and marketing are entirely different. But now most of the companies are realizing the truth that the UI UX design trends have created a great impact on the users. So, in order to engage your online users and create an everlasting user experience, it is important to understand the latest UI UX design trends.

Latest UI UX design trends in 2021

It is very crucial to get updated and implement the latest UI UX design trends to keep your end-users engaged and curious about your business. Let's have a quick look at the latest UI UX design trends in 2021.

Illustrated Animations

ui ux design

Illustrated animations are the best option inorder to grab the attention of the users. From the past few years, we have already seen various UI UX designs make use of illustrations for projection while engaging the users. This UI UX design trend is expected to grow more in the years to come. The most common UX design trend in illustrated animation is applying motion illustrations in order to make them lively. This creates interest in the users, leaves a pleasant impression, as well as enhances user engagement.

Virtual Reality

ui ux VR

VR headsets have increased the usage of Virtual Reality (VR) in the gaming industry. It gives a great experience as well as excitement to the users while playing the game. With the arrival of Oculus Quest, VR is even tremendously used in various industries all over the world. Many companies like Facebook have already started using Virtual Reality for their business needs. In many industries like education, healthcare, etc. this UI UX design trend provides a lot of opportunities for creating a more interactive environment while delivering valuable results.

Foldable displays

Foldable displays are one of the best UI UX design trends which have gained a lot of importance. With the introduction of foldable devices, the UI UX design company needs to create platforms suitable for those particular devices also. So whatever designs created by the UI/UX designers must be adaptable with all the foldable devices too. According to the recent survey, it is estimated that the foldable devices sales will increase upto 50 million by 2050. Hence, this UI design trend will grow rapidly even in the coming years.

Graphics usage in the photographs

Addition of graphical elements to the photographs is the latest UI UX design trends where the UI UX design company will create unique and appealing designs that make businesses stand ahead of the competition. This is one of the best UI UX design trends in 2021 that showcases your brand and promotes your business. Even the elegance and creativity in the designs will give a customized look to your website. In many online websites these graphics are used in images which adds a great professional look to the images.

Login without passwords

ui ux design login password

As forgetting the passwords is very common among most of the users while using online websites, login without passwords has now become a one of the great UI UX design trends. Once the users forget their password, they again need to reset their password which is time consuming. As passwords usually are a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters, it is very difficult for the customers to recollect that password. So, in order to resolve this, customers can easily login using their fingerprints, face authentication, and many more.

Abstract Data Visualization

Data Visualization plays an important role for representing quantitative content. Previously, it was represented in various formats like pie charts, bar charts, graphs, tables, etc. But now the trend has changed. Now abstract data visualization has become very popular among the users as it creates uniqueness and originality to your design. Especially for tech-oriented designs, abstract data visualization is the top UI UX design trend that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Immersive 3D elements

ui ux 3d design

3D based design elements are the best trend which can make users more engaged. Nowadays 3D based elements are integrated with the advanced technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) which makes UI UX design companies create realistic 3D visuals making the users very excited and curious. Importantly, these kinds of graphical elements will also reduce the website speed. So it is important to optimize the website performance and speed.

AI and Automation

Ai automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the advanced technology which can do wonders in offering ultimate user experience to the target audience. The main function of AI comes with integrating them to the mobile applications and websites and thus automates all the functions like collecting the information of customers and other details. Most of the companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence in their business to simplify their business operations and automate all the tasks.


Every business needs to understand and implement the latest UI UX design trends which can attract your users instantly and keep them curious and interested. Nextbrain Studio is the best UI/UX design company in Bangalore with a team of highly skilled UI/UX designers implementing latest UI UX design trends to showcase your brand and promote your business.

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