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09 September, 2021

How Can UI UX Design Services Transform Telecom Industry?

Digitization has made a great transformation in the way users make communication with each other. Also, in the telecom industry there is a huge downfall of the amount of SMS traffic and calls due to the constant innovation. So the only solution is to transform the telecom services through enticing UI UX designs. The visual appearance of a product is the major factor to create a positive impression for the users. So while providing any service, the user experience should not be ignored. A good user experience can bring you huge success within a less amount of time. A good user experience along with the proper business strategy will offer successful results which can easily transform your business.

Transforming telecom services with UI UX design

UI UX design services will help to transform the telecom industry as they offer a lot of benefits to telecom operators. Let's discuss the major factors of UI UX design that impacts telecom services.

Simplifies user journey

The major purpose of telecom services is to improve connectivity between customers and offer an easy to use platform from which they will be able to manage their activities as well as plans. With an ultimate user experience and precise UI design, telecom companies will be able to offer a complete intuitive feel to the users. UX for telecom helps to improve user experience and simplify the user journey.

Implements chatbots for customer service

chatbot customer services

Customer service is a major issue for many users from telecom companies. It is not all about the total amount of time taken to respond to the queries but also the procedure followed will cause frustration. According to a report, around 72% of users will prefer live chat rather than a phone call for any queries or to resolve their customer service problems. To implement an optimized chatbot will improve customer service to the next level, ensuring that users need not spend more time to get connected with a customer service agent. More than 89% of customers are mostly likely to do more purchases due to an enhanced customer service experience.

Putting user data to use

Telecom companies usually will have a pile of customer data which will not be put to proper use. This data is available through apps for finance, health, fitness, and more. Socio-demographic data will be disclosed by customers while they register for the services. This ensures the customer's details can be easily obtained in detail. This is essential for the telecom service companies in order to offer better telecom services. Telecom UX helps a lot in making proper utilization of customer data.

Third party business integrations

third party business

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, your interface must have more capability to offer a better experience for the customers through third-party integrations. By using customer data, a telecom service provider will easily find profitable partnerships and offer their customers the best opportunities, digitally. A smooth experience while payments, video calls, managing customer data, etc. will be done ensuring high security. UX for the Telecom industry helps in secure and safe third party business integrations.

Attractive UI interactions

According to research, users get 75% of their opinion of the credibility of a website depending only on how it appears visually. While developing an app, it is necessary to take care of all user needs without any compromise on exceptional UI interactions. Without that, your app or website will appear unorganized, making users have an unfavorable impression. A good UI will increase conversion rate up to 200%. Interactive designs, usability, fast loading times, etc. will absolutely offer better customer satisfaction.

Security measures to increase trust

security measures

As the customer becomes more aware about the security measures as well as the privacy policies, it is more crucial to increase safety measures in order to increase trust among the users. When the user experience of payments is slow on your platform or needs constant refreshes will make users more anxious. Then security concerns will be raised in your customers mind. UX for Telecom helps to increase trust among customers by maintaining proper security measures.


Due to the digitization, most of the telecom companies have realised various users shifting to some other alternative ways for communication with each other. So the telecom industry is relying on UI/UX design services to enhance tier services. Nextbrain Studio is the top UI/UX design company in Bangalore with a team of highly experienced UI/UX designers specialized in crafting UI UX designs for the telecom industry.

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