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06 March, 2019

Hiring UX Designers vs Design Studio Agency

UI/UX designs have great importance in enhancing the business and generating huge revenue. Companies looking forward to focussing on the user experiences often sway between the options of hiring a UX designer or a design studio to offer a complete makeover of their websites. Check out the pros and cons of both to choose what suits you best.

Pros of hiring UX designers 

One many army

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a UX designer is that as a client you have a single point of contact such that all communication and exchange of ideas take place through that one person. A client often prefers one skilled UI/UX designer who has the expertise to transform the idea of the client into reality with innovative UI/UX designs.

Sole responsibility owner

When one designer is hired, there is no blame game going on. The one designer designs the entire website or mobile app, consult with the client, exchange ideas actively and is to be blamed if something goes wrong. As a client, you may wish to ensure that the design and user experience is taken care of by only one person.

Easier operations

Coordinating with a group is always more complicated than coordinating with one person. Hence UI/UX design projects have a simpler operation with just one person, rather than with a group of designers.


More flexibility in ideas, timings, cost as well as in operations are seen when clients hire a UI/UX designer, over a studio. Thus due to increased flexibility, clients often prefer to hire designers rather than an agency.

Cons of hiring UX designers

Might not be competent enough

One disadvantage faced by hiring UX designers is that they might not be competent enough to fulfil the design requirements of the clients. This is because one UI/UX designer might not have the expertise to bring out the idea which the client is looking for or might fall short in creativity.

Three brains are better than one

This indeed is true in case of UI/UX designs. One UI/UX designer is not always enough to incorporate innovation and exclusive ideas. Hence a design studio is always preferable than one UI/UX designer. 

UX designer vs design studio


Pros of hiring design studios

Three brains are better than one

Hiring a designer studio, rather than a UI/UX designer helps in incorporating better ideas and innovation, since a wide variety of views can be obtained from all the UI/UX designers of the agency, helping the client explore innovative ideas from one place.

Canvas of ideas

Since hiring a design studio, instead of UX designers helps the client to work with many designers, with varying experience level, hence it is always a benefit for the client. While a designer with low experience can work on the basic design, which can be further refined with elements of innovation by designers with greater years of experience.

Professional and process-oriented

UI/UX designer studios are professional and process-oriented. This is often beneficial for large clients as they know what to expect from the designers and how the entire project will be executed.

Client reviews and ratings

An added advantage of hiring a design studio is the reviews from the previous clients and customers. A good rating and reviews attract more clients to work with the designer studio and speak of the consistent excellence and goodwill of the designer agency.


Though hiring a designer agency might appear to be costly, yet in the long run, it is much more cost-effective than hiring a designer. This is because both the UI as well as the UX can be taken care of by the studio. Moreover, large projects can be entrusted with confidence that they will be completed and delivered on time, with the desirable quality.

Cons of hiring design studios

Might not suit very low budget projects

Though hiring a design agency is always a better idea than hiring individual designers, yet projects with an extremely low budget might find it difficult to cope up with the expenses of hiring design agencies. This is because the agencies have a certain standard and quality benchmark to follow, which they cannot deviate from. Hence, projects with an extremely tight budget might not be able to find any benefit by hiring design agencies and are likely to go for individual designers. 

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